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Are You Tired of Feeling:
• like a roommate with your partner?
• alienated from your partner?
• defensive around your partner?
• helpless in creating intimacy and/or closeness?
• like the focus in your relationship is blame & criticism?
• isolated and alone?

A Close Relationship is Within Your Reach...

Our Services

Relationships are fragile, but they are also resilient. If you want to put your relationship on the right track, we want to help. Our counseling services include couples therapy , premarital counseling, marriage counseling, same sex couples therapy, family counseling, and counseling for families in business together.
Mail: cathy@orlandorelationshipconsulting.com
Phone: 407.620.5913
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About Us

Cathy Bronza, creator of Orlando Relationship Consulting and licensed psychotherapist, brings more than a decade of experience in rebuilding relationships. She establishes a safe, collaborative alliance with each patient and helps them shift out of destructive habits and into productive patterns.
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We proudly serve communities of Central Florida, Orlando, and Winter Park. Counseling sessions are held in person only and we invite you to contact us and take the first step toward taking back your life! It’s never too early to equip your relationship with today’s top survival strategies.
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Relationship Counseling Orlando

We are dedicated to empowering individuals to reclaim the relationship they once thought was possible, to resolve troubling points of conflict, and to ultimately achieve lasting well-being. We provide a safe, confidential environment, and a unique collaborative experience in which every participant has equal standing. Working together with Cathy Bonza, founder of Relationship Counseling Orlando and licensed psychotherapist, you will begin applying effective communication strategies that will revolutionize your relationship and your life. At Relationship Counseling Orlando we provide high-quality couple’s therapy Orlando services to families, couples, individuals, and family-run businesses.

Couples Therapy Orlando

Whether you’re dating, engaged, living together, or have been married for decades, no romantic relationship is immune to challenges. Far too often couples wait until deep-seated and chronic resentments have suffocated their relationship before seeking out a trained counselor or therapist. Do not make that mistake. Relationships are remarkably resilient but the earlier you dive into couple’s therapy Orlando, the better. Our Orlando couple’s therapy services are affordable, effective, and designed to respect diverse backgrounds, family forms, and life experiences. If your relationship is on the rocks or you’re simply interested in equipping yourself with the tools you need for success, we look forward to working with you soon!
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