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EFT Clinical Supervision in Orlando

Partner with a professional to become a more effective EFT couple’s therapist  

New therapists often find that their first couple’s therapy sessions are akin to jumping into the deep end and trying to save three people at once. It is a highly intense, high stakes experience and one that should only be attempted by those who are adequately trained. 

The Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model of couple’s therapy is a unique philosophy based on attachment theory as a description of adult romantic love. Cathy Bronza, founder of Orlando Relationship Consulting, offers clinical supervision in Orlando for counselors working toward EFT certification for Couples Model. She also offers a quarterly continuing education event in Orlando with CE credit for EFT therapists on topics focusing on deepening and improving the practice of EFT. 

Cathy is passionate about the EFT model for couple’s therapy and has seen firsthand the positive results it produces in the lives of her clients. Not to mention that it always provides a variety of advantages for the counselor and practitioner. If you find yourself feeling triggered, drained, or emotionally agitated after a couple’s therapy session, working with a clinical supervisor or consultant can help you to separate your own personal issues from those of your clients. 

Benefits of EFT Counseling Supervision in Orlando

EFT Clinical Supervision in Orlando can provide you with a constructive perspective to begin examining some of the issues that you share with a client as well as the tools and techniques you employ during your counseling sessions. Most couples therapists site counseling supervision in Orlando to be a personally empowering and professionally transformative experience. Cathy can help you:
  • Gain awareness of emotional triggers and manage your reactions
  • Frame couple and family conflict within the framework of attachment theory so that you have a functional map to help guide your work
  • Hone your clinical skills and incorporate new exercises and strategies
  • Bolster your confidence as a therapist
Collaborating with a professional therapist and taking advantage of our clinical supervision in Orlando can help you ground yourself in the EFT model and achieve mastery over these life-changing techniques, which will benefit your life and every client to walk through your door. If you are interested in learning more about our counseling supervision in Orlando, give us a call today!

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