Marriage Counseling and Family Business Consulting Services

At Orlando Relationship Consulting we believe in making our marriage and family counseling services as effective and accessible as possible – after all, meeting with a relationship therapist should lead to more solutions not more problems. Our range of counseling services is reflective of our vast experience as well as our desire to address some of the most challenging interpersonal relationships – those we have with our significant other and those we have with our family.  

All counseling sessions are designs as collaborative experiences, in which you will unpack your concerns in a safe environment and explore new possibilities for how to create the kind of relationship you desire the most. Experience has taught us that no relationship is beyond help, and that the first step in forward often begins with one brave step out of silence. 

Marriage Counseling

Sustaining a healthy marriage is perhaps one of the most difficult life challenges. If your marriage is in trouble – or suffering from small daily points of friction – marriage counseling can offer a safe space to reconnect with your partner. Together we’ll uncover what it was that brought you together in the first place and what you’ll need in order to go forward hand-in-hand.
Marriage Counseling in Orlando

Same Sex Couple Counseling

At Orlando Relationship Consulting, we are experts in working with LGBTQ couples to heal wounds, restore communication, and empower positive change. Same sex couples face many of the same issues as their heterosexual counterparts, but they also face many unique challenges – both internally and externally. Unpacking these individual and societal challenges with a empathetic professional is often the first step towards healing. 
Same Sex Couple Counseling

Consulting for Families in Business Together

Families are fragile, but relationships are resilient. Even under high stress situations as running a family business together. We provide marriage and family counseling using a very effective model supported by more than 30 years of research called Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Families. The model works by getting underneath surface patterns and helps people to connect and bond on a deeper level.
Consulting for Family Business

Couples Counseling

Our most intimate relationships have the potential to break our hearts, or build us up and many times they do both. Whether you’re dating, living together, engaged, or married, your relationship will go through a number of transformations and will need some nurturing along the way. Our relationship therapist will lead you through relationship assessments and communication skill-building techniques that you can apply immediately and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life
Couples Counseling in Orlando

Premarital Counseling

If you’re recently engaged or getting ready to tie the knot, perhaps the best wedding present you’ll ever receive is one that you should give yourself: premarital counseling. Heal your relationship from past misunderstandings and establish real and lasting unity as you prepare to take the next step with your partner. Few decisions in life are as important as your choice of who – and when – to marry, let us help you start your life together with the highest chance of success and happiness. .
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